Boat maintenance

With the weather and the bad weather, your ship loses its luster. We can then see stains of rust or stains, the yellowing of the hull, the appearance of black stripes, mold … gradually degrading the various components of your ship. Give it a good appearance to keep it, it’s a good idea to keep it. More information :  Each cleaning product has its unique properties. It is advisable to use a cleaner. Some will be used to clean the hull, hull, deck; others to remove rust; others to remove and remove traces, grease stains and oil; others grease, reduce gas emissions, … Their intention is to protect and give new life to wood, stainless steel, sticks, plastics and fabrics.

Boat repair

If you use your boat during the summer and you do not feel like doing the whole revision yourself. Opt for the revision of your boat by specialists. They will put your boat on the water quickly. After each trip to the sea, remember to maintain your engine, take a look. Some quick and simple activities can help you save yourself. Discover information about yacht insurance. Really, to keep a hull in good shape, practice your docking procedures in the dock, this will reduce the probability of damage. Note that its maintenance and repair are close to the cost of an automatic engine. Hire a professional if you do not have the power or the time to do these interviews. Preventive maintenance will help you avoid expensive repairs. You can save money on gasoline if your engine is serviced.

Yacht maintenance

Maintenance costs are difficult to predict and change depending on the type of vessel, the amount of work you are willing to do yourself and the frequency with which you use it. do or not. Boats kept in the water must regularly have a fairing, paint and new anodes, which also requires travel and grounding costs. We recommend planning to do this after one year. Sailboats have separate periodic maintenance costs for their propulsion services; every five years or more for pleasure yachts and half that period for sailboats often engaged in regattas, until the sails need to be replaced. Other major components will require periodic maintenance such as generators, transmissions, propellers and more.

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