Buy a used boat

Before buying a used pleasure boat, make sure that the seller has all the necessary documents, including the navigation certificate, CE certificate, motor certificate, etc. Discover : Ask the seller if the vessel has undergone any modifications in recent years and ask that all certifications for brand new installations be issued, as a general rule, all French pleasure craft must be registered in a section dedicated to maritime incidents. At the end of the procedure, you will obtain an identification number that must be subscribed both outside and inside the ship. Before signing the purchase deed, it is essential to check with the customs authorities that there is no mortgage loan.

Semi-rigid vessels

Semi-rigid vessels are powerful on the market. This also explains the many models and the huge offer that exists. It is therefore difficult to find your way around! Practical, small, powerful and practical, semi-rigid machines have many advantages and can be used in many cases. It all depends on your desires and what you want to do for this boat. As hulls, semi-rigid boats are easy to transport and start. They take up little space and are therefore prized for the main purchase of a boat for sea excursions and families. The most comfortable models are available with a solarium, a dining area and sometimes even an outdoor kitchen. It is rare to want to focus on a single activity, which is why most models are versatile. If you hesitate between water sports, choose an elastic and weatherproof model.

Boat maintenance

The purchase of used boats will appeal to pleasure boating enthusiasts. More affordable, although difficult to maintain, it is a good compromise if you want to have the opportunity to buy a new boat and respect a limited budget. However, certain criteria should not be discarded to guarantee your investment. Of course, you may have to buy a ship that fits your budget. We recommend that you take the time to select the ads that match your schedule and costs. Be careful, the price of the boat or sailboat will not be the only element to be taken into account. Experience, storage costs, maintenance costs, repairs, potential updates, fuel and insurance are parameters to be taken into account. Despite its hidden costs, you will have the opportunity to determine how you will finance your budget. Recreational boating is a fire that costs a little! If you rent a yacht discover the activities on yacht board.

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